Meditech Endoscopy Product: ProTech

Scope ProTech™

The Scope ProTech™ is an endoscopic tip protector by, providing an effective method of protecting the delicate optics whilst allowing full breathability

Meditech Endoscopy Product: ColoGrip


ColoGrip™ is a grip-enhancing aid for the colonoscope, designed for prevention of injury to the practitioner and increased patient comfort.

Meditech Endoscopy Product: AquaBlue


AquaBlue ™ is a unique system that allows detergent solution to be flushed through the air / water channel at the bedside, preventing cross-contamination

Storage & Transportation

Meditech Endoscopy Product: ValveSafe


Valvesafe™ is a single-use solution for keeping an endoscope’s valves with the parent endoscope during the cleaning, disinfection and storage process.

Meditech Endoscopy Product: Endo SafeStack

Endo SafeStack™

The Endo Safestack™ is a patented tray, liner and lid system, designed for safe scope storage and transfer between the cleaning room and procedure room.

Meditech Endoscopy Product: SafeStack Trolley

SafeStack™ Cart

The Endo SafeStack Cart is designed in combination with the Endo Safestack™ Tray system, to save space and aid transportation of processed endoscopes.

Innovation to support the complete endoscopic cycle

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